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General Information
Professor: Starla Buckley
Course: EDU 250
Course Title: Introduction To Teaching
Student Grade: A
Post Date: 11:48:35 AM 5/13/2008
Overall Rating: Good Good
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Exam Information
Exam Content: No Multiple Choice
No Matching
No True/False
No Fill in the Blank
No Essay
No Problem Solving
Mandatory Final: Not Specified
Cumulative Final: No
Other Information
Textbook Required: Yes
Extra Credit Available: No
Attendance Required: Yes
Quantity of Notes: Few/None
Difficulty: Moderate
Additional Comments
Mrs. Buckley is a wonderful person. She makes taking this class enjoyable. We did not have any tests to take so there were no notes. We did have to write 5-7 papers and do 15 hours of field experience. The papers were lengthy but she gave you guidelines to follow so you really could not mess the paper up. If you need help she is so willing to help you and the best way to get a hold of her to help is through her email because she teaches first grade and is very busy. The presentation was over a chapter from the book, you had partners, you had to play a game with the information prsented, and we used powerpoint to present the chapter. The final was oral presentations and a potluck. In the oral presentations you talked about things you liked, disliked, and found interesting during your field experience. I would recommend her to anyone and she is accommodating if you have accommodations and always willing to help.  

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