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General Information
Professor: Chris Hirschler
Course: HED
Course Title:
Student Grade: A
Post Date: 10:59:20 PM 6/19/2007
Overall Rating: OK OK
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Exam Information
Exam Content: Yes Multiple Choice
Yes Matching
Yes True/False
No Fill in the Blank
No Essay
No Problem Solving
Mandatory Final: Yes
Cumulative Final: No
Other Information
Textbook Required: Yes
Extra Credit Available: Yes
Attendance Required: Yes
Quantity of Notes: Few/None
Difficulty: Moderate
Additional Comments
The course is very personal and at times intrusive. The professor is curt with his students. The class room environment is that of a support group run unprofessionally by an unqualified therapist. There is an overall high sexual overtone to the class. The professor has a paycheck attitude and makes it obvious that MCC is temporary employment. Chris Hirschler also imposes his lifestyle on the students. His lectures are put together well, but he fills in the holes with sexual subject matter, his personal lifestyle and politics, the students personal lives, and shocking and disturbing videos. The professors nonchalant attitude about his own work influences the students to be the same way. He also openly criticizes students in class for their lifestyle choices, and flirts.  

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