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Professor: Thomas Bohuski
Course: ASTR 104
Course Title: Astronomy/solar System
Student Grade: B
Post Date: 8:13:25 PM 12/15/2009
Overall Rating: OK OK
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Exam Information
Exam Content: Yes Multiple Choice
No Matching
Yes True/False
No Fill in the Blank
No Essay
No Problem Solving
Mandatory Final: Yes
Cumulative Final: Yes
Other Information
Textbook Required: Yes
Extra Credit Available: Yes
Attendance Required: No
Quantity of Notes: Few/None
Difficulty: Moderate
Additional Comments
His lectures usually consists of ramblings that are hard to follow and understand so it was nearly impossible to take notes from him. On occasion he would outline his lecture using powerpoint, but he would go through slides so quickly and go back and forth so much that it was hard to get anything down. His tests were difficult, but passable if you came to class and did his study guide. He gave tons of extra credit and was pretty understanding if you talked him about any problems you were having. The final only had a few questions from previous exam topic on it.  

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