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School: Bowling Green Technical College
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Good  Alvarez, Fabian
Writing Within The Disciplines  ENG 300  12:08:34 AM 12/16/2007
  BIO 135  10:43:15 AM 3/14/2010
Good  Cooksey, Elizabeth
Classroom Diversity  SEC 352  12:02:56 AM 12/16/2007
Good  Day, Samantha
  ENG 101  11:48:32 AM 10/1/2012
Good  Doyle, Jane
Adv Proc.  BUSIN   12:53:39 PM 3/8/2007
Good  Doyle, Janel
Adv Word Proc  OST   7:25:51 AM 11/22/2005
Good  Doyle, Janel
Records Management  BUSIN   1:05:26 PM 12/11/2006
Good  Doyle, Janel
Adv Word Processing  OST 210  2:22:43 PM 3/1/2007
Good  Doyle, Janel
Adv Word Processing  BUSIN   12:52:45 PM 3/8/2007
Good  Doyle, Janel
Advanced Word Processing Applications  OST 210  9:46:30 PM 4/10/2009
OK  Hiner, Elizabeth
Basic Mathematics  MT 60  12:44:08 PM 5/27/2010
OK  Janel, Doyle
Adv. Wp Appl.  OST 210  11:40:42 AM 4/18/2005
Poor  Jonathan, Kesler
History Of The U.s. Before 1865  HIST 108  11:19:02 AM 10/24/2005
Poor  Kacer, Barbara
Classroom Management  SEC 351  11:58:00 PM 12/15/2007
Good  Nunn, Amy
Med. Trans  BUSIN   10:06:47 AM 2/8/2007
Good  Pennycuff, Bryon
  MAT 110  5:39:58 PM 2/26/2014
Poor  Pennycuff, Byron
Prealgebra  MAT 65  9:16:26 PM 10/21/2011
Poor  Poteet, Bruce
College Writing  ENG   5:44:53 PM 2/26/2014
Good  Spriggs, Bianca
Foundations Of College Writing  WRTNG 90  11:22:36 AM 10/24/2005
OK  Sumner, Patti
Intro To Health Insurance  BUSIN   10:01:39 AM 3/8/2007
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