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School: Chaffey College
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Good  Ali, Kenshaka
Introduction To Acting  TAT 2:37:37 PM 3/9/2004
Good  Ali, Kenshaka
Intro To Acting  TAT 11:18:25 PM 8/4/2004
OK  Carter, Monica
Law And Society  PS 32  11:04:29 PM 12/19/2003
OK  Eskew, Amy
Intro To College Writing  ENGL 450  11:38:47 PM 12/19/2003
Poor  Gaetje, Dr. Lisa
Marriages, Family & Relationships  SOC 16  11:30:05 PM 12/19/2003
Good  Gaetje, Lisa
Marriage & Family  SOC 16  3:18:54 PM 10/31/2006
OK  Ghaffari, Mithra
Concepts In Biology  BIO 10  11:35:25 PM 12/19/2003
Poor  Johnson, Catherine
Introduction To The Theatre  TAT 11:13:19 PM 12/19/2003
Good  Keith, Dr. Thomas
Intro To Western Philosophy  PHIL 70  11:08:01 PM 12/19/2003
Good  Navarette, Lynn
Pop Culture  SOC 11  11:40:50 PM 8/4/2004
Good  Nobile, Dr. Vince
Us History 1865-present  HIST 18  2:50:26 AM 11/16/2004
Good  Rodriguez, Dr. Lisa
Advanced Composition & Critical Thinking  ENGL 101  11:15:50 PM 8/4/2004
Good  Sarrio, Ray
Fundamentals Of Speech Communication  CMSTD 2:57:55 AM 11/16/2004
OK  Shaw, Marilyn
Swimming  PEACT 11:31:02 PM 8/4/2004
Good  Tom, Wesley
Intermediate Algebra  MATH 420  11:24:53 PM 12/19/2003
Good  Tommerup, Megan
Concepts In Biology  BIO 10  11:20:56 PM 12/19/2003
Good  Wilkins-Langie, Rosa
Marriages, Families & Relationships  SOC 16  11:27:14 PM 8/4/2004
Good  Williams, Charles
Composition  ENGL   8:23:00 PM 3/13/2004
Good  Williams, Charles
Composition  ENGL   12:12:04 AM 3/18/2004
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