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School: Washtenaw Community College
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Good  Bellers, Clifford
Introduction To Business  BUSIN   3:27:29 PM 7/28/2005
Good  Fidel, Mike
Philosophy  PHILO   10:41:20 AM 10/27/2003
Good  Goldberg, David
Algebra  MATH   10:35:08 AM 6/7/2005
Good  Hammerstrom, Beverly
Introduction To American Government  POLI 112  12:58:54 PM 4/9/2010
OK  Kibens, Maija
Introduction To Philosophy  PHILO   1:45:25 PM 10/28/2003
Good  Lee, Duane
Intro To Algebra  MATH 97  2:53:58 PM 5/3/2007
Poor  Margo, Czinski
English  ENG 400  2:25:45 PM 3/26/2004
Good  McGraw, Michael
Engineering  CAD 211  9:32:19 AM 5/31/2005
Good  Neaton, Daniel
Math  MATH 191  10:42:46 AM 6/7/2005
Poor  Reps, Flavia
Western Civilization  HIS 100  2:21:55 PM 10/28/2003
Good  Susnick, Stuart
American Government  POLI 112  1:42:20 PM 10/28/2003
Good  Susnick, Stuart
American Government  POLI 112  1:55:48 PM 1/28/2007
Good  Susnick, Stuart
American Gov't  POLI 112  8:58:00 AM 3/17/2010
Poor  Thompson, Doreen
Introduction To Sociology  SOCIO   1:21:23 PM 10/28/2003
Good  Trame, Erin
Introductory  BIO 101  2:23:46 PM 10/28/2003
Poor  Vangenderen, Gary
Introduction To Chemistry  CHEM 111  10:38:19 AM 10/27/2003
Poor  Whitworth, Larry
Administration  ADM 100  5:38:15 PM 11/24/2003
Good  Withrow, Jason
Computer Science  COMSC 170  9:46:32 AM 5/31/2005
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